Why StartSmart?

UOW places a high priority on you achieving success both as a student, and as a graduate moving into your professional career. To be a successful student you need to know what is expected of you, and know where to find the help you need. StartSmart introduces you to the UOW academic environment.

StartSmart will help you develop the essential skills to:

StartSmart is a compulsory module for all new coursework students. If you are a commencing undergraduate onshore student, you will also be required to complete CareerSmart. You will need to work through the content and activities in each section and test your knowledge with the Quiz. You have unlimited attempts to pass the quiz, and undergraduate students must get 100% in the quiz to successfully complete StartSmart. We recommend you complete StartSmart within your first 3 weeks of study, but you can revisit it at any time.

StartSmart is also recommended for postgraduate research students. It will get you familiar with the UOW academic context.

For enquiries, please contact startsmart-enquiries@uow.edu.au

Three Modules to Complete

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